in nature environment

Our specialist knowledge within the entire natural environment field makes it possible for us at Pelagia to develop communities in harmony with nature. We help businesses and the public sector to develop communities and at the same time keep nature healthy and thriving.

We take responsibility 

Pelagia takes on all kinds of tasks – everything from niched biological analyses to big projects with complex comprehensive solutions. Our responsibility includes everything from sampling to project management on the customers behalf.

Biological laboratory

An important part of our business is our biology laboratory located at our headquarters in Umeå. At the laboratory, we carry out accredited biological analyses including benthic fauna, diatoms/periphyton, phytoplankton, zooplankton as well as fish physiology analysis.

We would like to work with you

Whether you are a private actor or are coming from the public sector, we want to hear your questions and thoughts. Fill in the form and we will get in touch shortly – Together we can make a difference!

The co-worker – our most valuable resource

The individual co-worker is the most critical factor for successful results. It is the specific competence of the individual co-worker that makes is possible for us to keep a high level of service and at the same time adopt different roles in every project.

Case – Environmental permit at Vitåfors

LKAB’s current work with a renewed, gathered production permit for Malmberget has been going on, at a smaller scale, since 2018. It is now, however, going into a more intensive phase.